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Private mansion

Size 350 m² (3 760 sq. ft.), 8 rooms, 5 bedrooms, 75017 PARIS
Terrace, 1 cellar.
10 900 € Load included

Paris 17th Distrcit - Rue Cernuschi.
350 sq. m. furnished private mansion built in 1890, with a patio and two terraces. It includes a reception area, a dining room, an open-plan kitchen, an artist's studio, 4 bedrooms and a maid's room. Newly refurbished in a contemporary style. The agency fees for a law 89 contract are € 5250 VAT (check in included). For a "code civil" contract, please see the amount on our prices list.

Listing : 984687



Ternes - Parc Monceau

Historically-speaking, the 17th arrondissement became a part of Paris only relatively recently. Consequently, most of the buildings date from 1860 to 1920 and are in the Haussmann style so typical of Paris (ex: avenue de Wagram, boulevard de Courcelles, rue de Prony…). The premium apartments and beautiful homes that line the Parc Monceau are among the most sought-after in Paris.